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Back to school: Now is the best time to market your home!

One of the highest demands from young families when looking for a new home is the local school catchment area. If your children haven’t started school yet, now would be the perfect time to move, as choosing a school usually takes place between October and January. You will also be in before Christmas and settled into the area before the kids start school next September.

The Cost of Famous Houses from the BIG Screen

This week we take a look at ten properties that featured in some of the greatest British films and TV series. Which one would you pick?

Questions to ask when viewing a Property

You are off to view a property that you hope will be the one. So what questions should you be asking while you’re there? Below we have collated our top questions to ask while viewing a property.

Wimbledon 2018 – Property Sneak Peak

With Wimbledon now in full swing (sorry couldn’t help it!), the Pimms flowing and strawberries and cream devoured. We thought we would celebrate by showing you a sneak peak of the player’s homes and where they relax off the court.

Considering solar panels – everything you need to know!

Do you want to cut your bills due to the rising costs of energy products but not sure how you can achieve it? Solar panels are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. So here is everything you need to know about solar panels for your home.

Reasons to Live in Colchester

Colchester is a sort after location in Essex. |t offers a wide range of amenities for all different ages and social groups. Here at Knight West, we have put together reasons why we love Colchester.

Energy Saving Tips around the Home

With the cost of living going up, and energy companies increasing their prices every winter. We thought we would help you out before the winter hits, with some tips on how you can save energy around the home, which will reduce your bills too!

Checking and Improving your Credit Score

Something you may not think of before buying a home is your credit score. Building up a good credit score is something everyone should look to achieve. A good credit rating is essential as it can…

How To Secure Your Dream Home

Most of us have been in the unfortunate situation where we have found our dream home, but it has slipped through our fingers at the last hurdle – for one reason or another.

The reasons why you should have an open house viewing!

Open house viewings have become increasingly more popular over the years! We are going to look into all the benefits and reasons why you should consider hosting and attending an open-house event.