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Back to school: Now is the best time to market your home!

Published on September 10th 2018 by knightwest
Here at Knight West we are discussing the benefits of moving house between October and January.
One of the highest demands from young families when looking for a new home is the local school catchment area. If your children haven’t started school yet, now would be the perfect time to move, as choosing a school usually takes place between October and January. You will also be in before Christmas and settled into the area before the kids start school next September.
If your home is within a catchment area of popular schools, you can achieve a premium by marketing your home at the right time. For many families, the children’s future is one of the main factors behind their motivation for moving in the first place. Some parents are likely to pay whatever it takes to secure a home that is close to their preferred school.
As we are fast approaching autumn, we start what is traditionally known to be a busy time for selling property. Buyers will be out in full force this time of year, and particularly families with children of school age. As the school term begins, buyers are using their free time to continue their property search.
It’s no secret that having a top performing school nearby is crucial for many buyers, along with a low crime rate and excellent transport links.
Property trends are continually changing as the months and seasons pass. Therefore, as a prospective property seller, it’s essential to understand the significance of marketing at the correct time, and just how effective selling now can be if you have a family home. As a seller, you should pounce on this opportunity and be as flexible as possible with viewings to increase the number of people laying eyes on your home.

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