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How To Secure Your Dream Home

Published on June 7th 2018 by knightwest

Knight West estate agents in Colchester, talk you through the best tips on how to bag your dream home.

Most of us have been in the unfortunate situation where we have found our dream home, but it has slipped through our fingers at the last hurdle – for one reason or another. 
With more and more wanting to buy in the countryside with good rail links and within catchment areas to great schools. Bagging your dream home seems to be getting harder, as the demand is getting greater.
Here at Knight West, we have put together our top tips on how you can get a step ahead of the rest. 

Get To Know The Agents
Build a rapport with your agent. Get to know them, when is best to contact them and what your situation is. Stand out from the rest and make sure you are the client they think of first!

Being friendly and efficient will always work in your favour when there is a long line of viewers waiting to see the same property. 
Have A Good Solicitor 
Make sure you have a good solicitor on stand-by ready to go when you need them. Have the paperwork prepared in advance to guarantee the best service and be as efficient as possible.

You will need to have a valid passport and driver’s licence to confirm your identity checks.
Get A Mortgage In Principle 
To be in a stronger position, ensure all your finances are in place before you start house hunting. With a mortgage in principle, it will show the owner you are in a position to start the ball rolling and will tell you initially how much you can afford. 

They are many lenders or mortgage broker on the market that would be able to put an agreement in place for you. Make sure you do your research first, so you pick the one that best suits you. 

Back to communication with your agent, make your agent aware that you have a mortgage in principle and a rough timeline for when you are hoping to move. 
Meet The Owners
Meeting the owners may sound like a silly point when the sale is completed between the ‘middlemen’. But, if you get the chance to meet the owners, you will be able to complement their home and why you love the area so much. The saying goes, people buy from those they like – they also sell to the ones they like! First impressions are everything, in a buying a home. 

Chain Free
Being chain free isn’t possible for everyone, but it is a huge plus if you are. First-time buyers will be the ones who reap the rewards of this most. FTB’s are in a great position and should make this clear to their agent. 

Not only are you chain free but you can be flexible with moving date too. This will definitely appeal to the seller. It will take some of the stress away from the vendor and let them know they can move at their own pace. 
Cash Buyer
There are only about a third of cash buyers nowadays, but if you are the lucky enough to be in the position to do so, you will be one step ahead of the rest. Cash buyers don’t have as much of a hold up as others and it’s a much faster move. You will need to prove to your agent that you are a genuine cash buyer. 

Hopefully you are all clued up on how you can obtain your dream home! We look forward to seeing where you buy – head over to our Twitter and tag us with #LoveWhereYouLive to show off your new dream home. Or better still head over to our website to see what properties we currently have on the market!