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Questions to ask when viewing a Property

Published on July 16th 2018 by knightwest
You are off to view a property that you hope will be the one. So what questions should you be asking while you’re there? Below we have collated our top questions to ask while viewing a property.
When you view a house, always go prepared with a list of questions to ask the estate agent. Some will relate solely to that property, but there are some obvious things you should always ask when viewing any house.
1. How long has the house been on the market and has it had much interest?
One of the top questions you should be asking your estate agent. It will tell you how desirable the property is and if the asking price is appropriate or if there are any underlying problems turning buyers off.
2. Why are the current owners moving?
The majority of the time, people move to a bigger home as their family expands or relocate out of the area. If the owners are selling due to a problem with the property, it’s best to stay clear.
3. How long have the previous owners lived there?
If the current homeowners have only lived there for a short amount of time, this should ring alarm bells. Why are they moving so quickly? Is the neighbourhood unsafe, are the neighbours horrible? Alternatively, if it has had the same owner for several years, make sure you have a survey carried out on the property. 
4. Is the property listed?
If you intend to make structural changes, you will need to know if the property is listed or not, as this will have a significant effect on your plans.
5. Is the property part of a chain?
It’s important to find out the motivations of the seller; have they found their next property? If so, they would want to sell their current house quickly, making them open to accepting lower offers.
6. Does the area have any issues you need to know?
Imagine finding the house of your dreams, sealing the deal and later discovering the location is unsafe, has congestion problems or your home is slowly sinking!
7. Is there a big difference in bills?
To qualify for your mortgage, you’ll have drawn up a budget taking into account your new payments. An essential cost to include is council tax for your new home. If the property is perfect, but the council tax payment is higher than you’ve paid before, you may have to cut back on other outgoings.
8. Which way does the garden face?
You may have a vision of sitting out in your garden, on a summer’s evening absorbing the last of the sunshine. But that’s doubtful if you have a north-facing garden. 
9. Are there good local amenities?
Buying a house is not just about bricks and mortar, but also the local community, shops, restaurants, pubs, facilities, schools and much more. If you’re in walking distance to local amenities, your property is likely to hold its value more. 
10. Is there room for negotiation?
An array of different reasons can give you the chance to haggle over the price, from whether it needs a new bathroom or kitchen to the time spent on the market. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
Now you are all clued up on what to ask at your next viewing. Head to the sales page where you can view all the properties we currently have on the market.