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The Cost of Famous Houses from the BIG Screen

Published on September 3rd 2018 by knightwest
This week we take a look at ten properties that featured in some of the greatest British films and TV series. Which one would you pick? 
First up we have The Crown, originally, Netflix wanted to recreate all the locations from scratch, but after realising the detail and sheer size of the project, they went against the plan. Instead, they use The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich as the Buckingham Palace courtyard. But if you did want to buy Buckingham Palace – not that you ever could, it would set you back a hefty £2.2 billion.

A classic for everyone, Love Actually. With many memorable moments throughout the film, one of the most iconic moments is when the grooms best friend Mark, secretly declares his love for Juliet through cue cards and a stereo in the street. This classic Notting Hill house would set you back £1.3million, but can you put a price on love?

Since 2001, the world has loved Harry Potter. So what feature would be complete without a mention of 4 Privet Drive? A three-bedroom suburban house that was home to the Dursley’s. Filmed at the original property in Bracknell, Berkshire over two weeks. Formerly purchased for £290,000 in 2010 and sold last year for £475,000.

The BBC drama that had the nation on the edge of their seat revealed a swanky glass-fronted mansion in the second series. Believe it or not but this impressive home is a flat-pack pad made by Huf Haus in Germany. If an indoor pool with an open-plan kitchen diner, isn’t your thing then you’ll save yourself £6 million which is the estimated asking price.

Without a doubt the most popular and recognisable of all locations associated with the Sherlock, North Gower Street doubles as the exterior of Baker Street. During filming, the flat door is removed and replaced with the famous 221B, but the exterior of the cafe remains unchanged in the final series. Following completion of filming on Series two, the 221B door is now a permanent fixture outside, complete with the iconic door knocker and letterbox. If you are looking to buy Sherlock’s home, you will need to have £1.7 million hidden away!

If you are a Paddington Bear super fan, you will need £3.25million in the bank to purchase his home around the corner to Regents Park. The Peruvian bear that stumbled across our screens this year unbeknown to him lived in one of the capital’s most sought-after addresses. The Browns took Paddington into their home at 32 Windsor Gardens, which was the fictional address. Chalcot Crescent in Primrose Hill is home of the elegant row of colourful townhouses.

The film that all girls can relate to, Bridget Jones. The trio of films had everyone hooked from the moment of release. Bridget lived in Holland Park in Fielding’s original novel, but she became a Borough resident for the film. With the capital’s food hub now a bustling tourist hotspot. Bridget’s flat above The Globe Tavern pub would sell for around £700,000.

Remember the famous blue door that belonged to Hugh Grant’s character in the 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill? The property is valued in the multi-millions and is a converted chapel, with huge windows and ornate church features. Nothing like the studio set used for the interior scenes in the movie. You can’t see any of this from the street, but you can snap a quick photograph in front of the new blue door.

Highclere Castle in Hampshire is home to Downton Abbey, where the exterior shots were filmed. Filming would take place over a ten-week period where the castle is out of bounds to the public. If you fancied a slice of the high life, you’d need to part with a staggering £72 million to call Highclere Castle home.

What’s occurring? The 2-bedroom property in Barry made famous by award-winning comedy, Gavin and Stacey was put on the market for £125,000 back in 2014. 
The house on Trinity Street has reportedly had over 13,000 fans visit the piece of TV history over the years. Tours to the property are currently a weekly occurrence whereby fans are carted around the seaside resort stopping at hotspots from the series using Dave’s coaches.