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The reasons why you should have an open house viewing!

Published on May 29th 2018 by knightwest
Leading Colchester Estate Agents, Knight West discuss the benefits of an open house viewing.
Open house viewings have become increasingly more popular over the years! If you’re thinking of selling your property, an open house viewing may be the best option for convenience. We are going to look into all the benefits and reasons why you should consider hosting and attending an open-house event.
What is an open house viewing?
Open house viewing is where multiple potential buyers will visit the property at once. The host will be present to answer any questions, and potential buyers can view the house at their own pace. 
What are the benefits for sellers?
  • There is an increased chance of getting an offer. With multiple people viewing the property, there is more competition making buyers want to place an offer as soon as possible. 
  • Potential buyers will have more desire for a house if they see others interested too.
  • You will be able to save time as your potential buyers will all view the house at once rather than different appointments for each. 
  • Because viewers have time to browse the property in their own time, they’ll feel more relaxed and at home.
Benefits for buyers 
  • As a buyer, attending an open house is great because you get the freedom to view the house as you wish. You can take the time to check the most important aspects to you and can speak freely about the house to whoever with you.
  • You can also gain other’s opinions and reactions to the property. They may pick up on issues with the house that you didn’t realise before.
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